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Her eyes shine with the grace of all the angels
Her smile gleams with the beauty of all the earth
Her laugh tinkles like diamonds, falling softly onto glass.
Everything about her is perfect. Everything about her I adore.
She is the one.
The one I want to hold.
The one I want to kiss.
The one I want to show my love for.
The one I no longer want to miss.
My love for her is so immense; it engulfs my life, my soul, my breath.
I cannot breathe when I see her face, my knees tremble and I go to waste.
She captivates me.
My thoughts, my mind, my sense.
Around her I lose control. I forget where I am or how I got there and all she is all there is.
My world becomes her and she becomes my world. Nothing exists outside of her.
Her soul.
Her smile.
Her laugh.
Her eyes.
Her voice.
Her hair.
Her touch.
The only things for which I care.
She is all I long for, all my hopes and dreams. No longer can I wait, to be the one she needs.
Forever will I love you, for ever and ever more.
No longer will I wait, t
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At my hand you've suffered, time and time again
And though I've hurt you, here you stand,
by my side until the end.
Your love and your perfection
Your beauty and your grace
I have fallen in love with
Over and over again.
Never have I been strong enough, to ask you to be mine
Pushing you away, and hurting you in time;
I have made you suffer, I have made you cry,
But now I stand here to beg your forgiveness and ask for your loving grace.
To hold you, to kiss you, to love and no longer miss you
I implore you, forgive me, and love me back once more.
The tempest of our feelings, has roared through time and space,
But now at last I hope the fates will align,
To give us hope, love and time
To be together, strong and true,
For never again will I hurt you
You mean too much to me, my dear
I love you with all my heart… don't fear,
I'll never leave you, never hurt you, but only hold you close.
You are my world, my light, my love, and forever I will be yours
You're in my mind, all day and night, an
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Tears of love
Like the lights flashing by my window the tears streak down my face
I miss your laugh and long to hold you, however all the while
I speed away on carriage tracks, my spirit torn and broken
But my love for you burns stronger still, the longer we're divided.
Our time together oh so short
Our life-long dream denied
To be together and hold eachother and simply always smile
I love you Lia, so so much and can't wait till we one
I want to hold you, kiss you, feel you as you wrap around my tongue.
You are my light my world my love and for you I shall ever be
Stumbling through this life and hoping you are with me.
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Harry Potter book 7 part 5
Harry lay awake in the camp bed on the floor of Ron's room and stared up the ceiling, his scar prickling unpleasantly and rolling his wand through his fingers. Images were flashing through his mind: a flash of green and a high, cold laugh, Cedric lying dead on the ground, Sirius falling through the veil, Dumbledore… Dumbledore, so powerful, so untouchable, so concrete, falling over the battlements of Hogwarts castle broken and limp.
Harry brought his watch up to his face and tapped it with his wand so the hands glowed gold "Eleven pm" he muttered "come on Ron". Groaning, Ron pulled himself out of bed and put a shirt on as Harry slowly opened the door listening for the distant snores of Mrs Weasley. Once they were in the kitchen they waited silently for Hermione; Harry began sending little balls of black fire chasing each other around the kitchen while Ron yawned and rest his head on the cabinets above the sink.
Five minutes later Hermione arrived and, apologising, lead them out in
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Harry Potter book 7 part 4
Celebratory, joyous, exited… these were the moods prevailing in the burrow for the following week as Bill and Fluer prepared to depart for their new home 'Shell cottage'.
Ginny was ecstatic when she realised she wouldn't have to see Fluer every time she woke up now, Mrs Weasley seemed rather put out, Mr Weasley carefully emotionless, Fred and George were in high spirits, Charlie seemed perfectly normal and Harry, Ron and Hermione were glad of the lack of nosiness as they could now plan their hunt for the Horcruxes without Mrs Weasley's constant disruptions.
"I don't see why we don't just rough it around Britain like we planned?" Ron argued as he tore up bits of a Daily Prophet on his bed looking at Harry and Hermione.
"Because Ron," said Hermione, the exasperation not entirely concealed in her voice "it's like Ginny said, it will be far easier to do if we aren't trekking around the place on the off chance we find a clue leading us to the next Horcrux."
"But where will
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Just in case
My love for you burns eternal
Though I feel I can never say
Just how much I love you
For I fear you'll fade away.
I am scared to tell you how I feel
In case for you it is no longer real
So I shall lie here ever more
Scared to open up the door
To my heart and to my love
...Just in case.
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Whether you believe it or not
Whether you believe it or not
I think you're beautiful.
Whether you believe it or not
I think you're amazing.
Whether you believe it or not
I really really like you.
Whether you believe this or not
I don't care.
Because: Whether you believe this or not
It's all true.
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Your company is all I crave, to see you smile would do
And every time I'm next to you, there's nothing that I can do
To overcome the feeling of joy, that wonderful feeling so strong
To tell you just how much you mean to me or just how much I long.
These feelings I fear are making me troubled, I feel they are making me fail
These feelings I fear are making me seem as though I am just not able
To be without you or be away and I feel that they may be
Just too much, or overbearing and driving you from me.
This could be a fearful fantasy, or maybe something more
But tell me please if I have wronged you, and let me ease the sore.
Don't get me wrong! I like you so much but I fear that I have scared you
Tell me I'm wrong and ease my mind
Or tell me I'm right and let me help you, to see that I can be better.
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Grace and joy
Her eyes sparkle like the new day's sun,
Her hair flows like a soft sweet river,
Her voice carries like peels from a heavenly bell,
For she is beauty, and beauty abounds.
She moves with grace and speaks with joy,
She laughs with ease and smiles with wonder,
Her feelings do I begin to ponder,
As deeper down this path I wander.
I feel her arms wrap 'round my sides,
And smile do I at the warm embrace,
I hold her close and hold her tightly,
And her eyes I turn to face.
Into those eyes deep do I look,
And in them I see her very soul,
Soft and sweet just like herself
She smiles at me for all I'm worth.
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Mature content
Best assignment ever :iconivannabannana:ivannabannana 1 7
Lest We Forget
On April 25th 1915 the ANZAC forces landed at Galipoli to fight the Turkish who were in league with the Tripol alliance.
Thousands died, thousands more were injured and many more were left with scars that even time cannot erase; scars that are not visible, scars that are left deep in their hearts and minds.
And so today, and last year, and next year, we stand facing the east as the last post sounds and we say as one with the memory of the ANZACS weighing heavy on our hearts, LEST WE FORGET!
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confused in love
I wander through the darkness, lost, alone, and confused,
with thoughts of self-loathing, sorrow, and sadness,
as my only, self-same, friends.
My heart and mind, locked in battle,
sense against affection,
and it seems all hope is lost,
for the one person I hold dear.
I like her,
I long for her,
but I cannot seemingly muster the courage,
to do what is necessary,
to do what I wish,
to take her by the hand and kiss her gently upon soft lips.
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I love her smile but hate her tears,
Her face is my light, her voice my warmth,
I would hug her and kiss her,
But rejection I fear,
My friend, my love, my unblemished dear.
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Mature content
The wedding :iconivannabannana:ivannabannana 6 3
My OC Hayley
Height: 5 feet nine inches
Skin tone: Asian
Eye colour: a dark hazel
Facial features: flowing black hair, a small and slightly upturned nose, tapered eyes, thin eyebrows and long lashes, perfect and unblemished complexion, soft lips.
Personality: slightly shy but exiting and playful when she's comfortable, Hayley is a happy and warm person. She loves to have fun and is just beginning to loosen up and be more outgoing (after having me Olina =P) Hayley is looking forward to exploring herself with the help of her new found friends and is ready and willing to have some fun.
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My OC Olina.
Height: 5 feet six inches
Skin tone: A rich tan
Eye colour: a light hazel
Facial features: Flowing brown hair, soft yet plump and kissable lips, a soft chin and a subtle rather unobvious jawline.  Her eyebrows are light and thin and her skin is perfectly smooth and blemish less.
Personality: Olina is a happy, smiling girl who loves to have fun. She is kind and appreciative aswell as smart and funny. Olina is an amazing person with a great body and who loves to fuck, guys or girls, it really doesn't matter  =P.
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Today marks the 97th anniversary of of the ANZACs fighting in Gallipoli, sacrificing their lives and their bodies so that we can live on without fear and in a free and prosperous land.
For those of you who do not know, the ANZACs were the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought a vicious battle against the Turkish at Gallipoli, fighting uphill and loosing most of the brave lives that took to the beaches in the name of honour and patriotism.
Let us never forget their sacrifices nor the hardships that they dealt with so that we can live on,
Lest we forget

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


United States
I love writing and (as im sure you've noticed =P) I like Writing romance (erotica on occasion... not so much anymore, but if you really want something, just message me =D)
and a word of warning: respect my gallery! if you dont like what you see... DONT FUCKING READ IT! =P
Cheers guys!

Favourite genre of music: ROCK!!!
MP3 player of choice: ipod



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